Steady development

Social responsibility

We are committed to social responsibility and take various measures to ensure sustainability. Harwal Group's manufacturing processes and products are eco-freindly. All the reciduals are recycled at our aluminium and plastic recycling plants.


Our products are biodegradable. We preserve our forrests by developing wood replacement products, we preserve our forests. Through reuse, we save water. By upgrading our equipment and increasing efficiency, we save energy. Our refrigerated products, including cold rooms, commercial refrigerators and refrigerators, do not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

All our companies are ECO-friendly.

  • We produce biodegradable plastic bags for refrigeration products, refrigerators without chlorofluorocarbons (CFC).
  • We preserve woods by developing replacement products.
  • We save water through reuse.
  • We save energy by increasing our efficiency.

The Russian plant Harwal Enterprises adheres to the policy of minimizing the negative impact on the environment, and therefore uses non-toxic materials that meet production standards.

Вторичная переработка алюминия в ОАЭ

One of the leading aluminum recycling companies in the UAE.

Контроль качества

The supply is provided according to standards

Нетоксичный полиэтиленовый термопласт

Non-toxic polyethylene thermoplastic

Поставка продуктов по стандартам

The products supplied comply with various international standards of design and manufacturing.

Продукты одобрены

The company's products are approved by third-party certification agencies.

Современные оборудования

We have large quality control departments

We care about our environment

Непрерывно совершенствуемся

Continuously improving. We regularly analyze the impact of the company's activities on the environment.

Охрана окружающей среды

We comply with the requirements of the Russian legislation on environmental protection. We monitor environmental requirements and promptly respond to their changes.

Разделяем мусор

We separate garbage in order to avoid mixing of different types of waste and environmental pollution.

Собираем отработанные элементы питания

We collect waste batteries, toxic substances that can cause great harm to the environment

Green initiative

The modern world just needs to protect the environment. We are responsible to our environment and our customers. That is why we constantly pay more attention to the importance of ecology. Harwal Group cares about the environment and introduces environmentally sustainable operations at its enterprises in order to minimize or eliminate harm to the nature and natural resources of Russia. We strive for ecological balance in the work of our enterprises. Our operational strategy is aimed at improving quality of products and customer service while respecting and improving environmental standards.

Aluminum recycling company

Emirates Recycling LLC, a member of the Harwal Group, is one of the leading aluminum recycling companies in the UAE with an annual production capacity exceeding 18,000 tons. We supply a high-quality secondary aluminum alloy ingot and use the latest state-of-the-art LOTUS technology for smelting scrap and forging and casting alloys in one place.


Our company uses a heating stove which has the capacity of 25 tons.


The annual production capacity of aluminum ingots is 18,000 tons.

Emirates Recycling supplies ingots to leading manufacturers of aluminum sheet metal and extruded products for use in the aerospace, construction, automotive, distribution and transportation industries. ERL produces 1 ton of alloy ingots, 500 kg cast blocks and 7 kg ingots under the international standards.

ERL uses a rotary kiln and a heating stove with a capacity of 25 tons. ERL uses the latest VORTEX pump and the LOTUS melting system, which is mainly used to melt light-gauge scrap, such as UBC (used beverage cans). The company also has a laboratory with a spectrometer and an ARL casting machine.


Our company produces 1 ton alloy ingots for the domestic and world markets.


The unique potential of aluminum processing and its own value means that aluminum is the best material for it. The market for recycled aluminum is growing steadily. When the product has more aluminum, the chance of recycling it is bigger. The aluminum industry develops and improves recycling processes. This ensures that aluminum retains its position as the most valuable material that can be recycled. Emirates Recycling explores all economic and environmental factors to find the best possibilities for recycling


The recycling of used aluminum saves up to 95% of the energy needed to produce the primary product.

Used aluminum is an important resource that is very valuable: the quality does not deteriorate during processing and the aluminium can be reused. Recycling aluminum saves energy: remelting used aluminum saves up to 95% of the energy needed to produce a primary product.

Our company buys and processes the following types of aluminum waste:


Recycling process


Aluminum scrap is melted, then follows coating's removal and melting with a VORTEX pump in a LOTUS kiln.


The melted metal is conveyed into the charging furnace (converter), and is cleaned using charge correction, the addition of alloying elements and metal processing.


Molten aluminum is cast into ingots in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer in the T-masters U.K.Quality continuous casting machine.


Each individual furnace charge is tested in the laboratory using modern analytical process equipment with computer control - the ARL spectrometer.