Production and design

Facade glass

Harwal Enterprise provides design services for various translucent units for custom-made facade glazing.

The engineers of Harwal Enterprises design bureau are capable of solving any tasks assigned to them.

Spider facade system

Initially called as a planar, this Spider facade system had fasteners that created the effect of cobwebs on the fa- cade, and therefore, a more popular name appeared (from the English. Spider - spider).

The facade system Spider is a frameless glazing section, in which glass modules are attached to the supporting structures using spatial brackets-spiders, made of alloy steel. Spiders are attached to the carrier using special precast elements.

Spider glazing is practical, reliable and has high light transmission properties. At Harwal Enterprises you can order the production of structural elements and a complete installation of the system.


  • Affordable variety of shapes and sizes of facades;
  • Relatively small weight with a large area of glass panels;
  • Fasteners are installed from the inside of the system and are almost imperceptible;
  • Creates a smooth, visually monolithic surface of the facade;
  • Unlimited service life;

Post-bar facade system

Post-bar facade glazing is the most common variant of stained glass glazing facades. It is a vertical and hor- izontal aluminum profiles. The space between is filled with single glass in a cold facade or a multi-layered glass unit in a warm one.


  • Convenience and quick installation of the frame.
  • Reduced material costs. For one profile type, the racks and lintels are used, for the other without a residue.
  • Large selection of fasteners and additional elements and glasses.
  • Energy efficiency due to the light transmitting properties of the structure.

At Harwal Enterprises, you can order the production of elements for the classic one-piece stained-glass glazing of the facade as well as combined systems that allow the use of both double-glazed windows and various decorative facade panels. We carry out full installation of post-bar facade systems.

Facade glass

Construction companies are increasingly using facade glazing at the construction stage or in the overhaul of buildings. Different types of glass decorate the facades of modern residential buildings, business centers, shopping malls, administrative or public facilities.

The glass facade looks spectacular and visually increases the space of the room. It brings more natural light and saves energy.

Glass for canopies and visors

To complete the entrance with a glass canopy or visor is effective and practical. These constructions per- form decorative and protective functions.

They prevent the penetration of bright light, precipitation and wind. Canopies are made of Triplex or tempered glass. These durable and safe materials do not corrode and are resistant to the temperature changes. Transpar- ent, colored and tinted types of glass are available in production.

Large production capacities allow us to carry out in a short time large orders for processing, decorated and production of various products from glass Read more...