Industrial glass processing

Pasting glasses with film

Various translucent structures and products are made from glass due to its modernity, durability and versatility. Processed glass is used in the manufacture of partitions, doors, showers, showcases, stairs, floors, fences, and more.

Why do you need glass processing?

After processing, it obtains the required properties, dimensions, configuration and aesthetic appear- ance, which allows to manufacture household items, create interior elements as well as the production of translucent structures.

What do we offer?

Harwal Enterprises provides high-quality industrial custom processing of glass. We use the glass of various types and thicknesses from leading global manufacturers, such as AGC, Pilkington, Guardian. Having employed highly qualified specialists and using modern equipment, we carry out all the produc- tion operations of the technological process. Glass cutting and edge processing

Our advantages:

  • we execute all orders promptly;
  • high production capacity allows us to handle large orders;
  • modern equipment ensures high quality processing;
  • we carry out complex glass processing;

Pasting glasses with film

Harwal Enterprises manufactures glass film installa- tion of any glass surfaces including windows, doors or transparent interior partitions. This technology is used to improve the anti-vandal and sun-protection charac- teristics of glass, as well as for decorative purposes.


Tint film dims bright sunlight and maintains a comfort- able level of illumination in the room. In hot weather, it is able to absorb from 38 to 70% of solar heat, and when it’s cold it reduces heat loss by 40%. In addition, the film installation technology increases the strength of glass by 6–7 times and extends the service life of the product.

At the same time, tinted glass does not require special care. The surface with a protective film is cleaned with simple cleaning detergents.

Available types of films

The plant offers a large selection of films of different types and shades for the manufacture of glass with the necessary characteristics.

Reservation films:

  • Shock-resistant in protection class K4 / A1-A3;
  • Explosion-resistant protection class D1-D5.

Tinting film:

  • Sunscreen (silver, neutral);
  • Energy-saving (greenish, greyish-green, blue);
  • Opaque frosted (black, white).

Decorative films:

  • Mat white, opaque silver;
  • White with a geometric pattern;
  • Translucent.

Large production capacities allow us to carry out in a short time large orders for processing, decorated and production of various products from glass Read more...