Bending of sheet material

Harval Enterprises offers you sheet metal bending services at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time and delivery to the customer's warehouse.

Galvanized steel bending

Bending of galvanized sheet is a complicated operation, any mistakes can lead to damage to the protective coating of the metal and subsequent corrosion. High-quality implementation of the technology is possible on special equipment. On them, you can bend the sheet at any angle, giving it the desired geometry.

The bending of galvanized steel itself is simple. The workpiece is placed in the installation and rigidly fixed. The electronic control module detects the position of the sheet and arranges the tools in the right way. The machine calculates the optimal force and bends the sheet at a given angle. The procedure is carried out instantly, the finished product is removed from the machine. Then you can install the next workpiece and carry out inline production.

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