Industrial glass processing

Tempering glass

Various translucent structures and products are made from glass due to its modernity, durability and versatility. Processed glass is used in the manufacture of partitions, doors, showers, showcases, stairs, floors, fences, and more.

Why do you need glass processing?

After processing, it obtains the required properties, dimensions, configuration and aesthetic appear- ance, which allows to manufacture household items, create interior elements as well as the production of translucent structures.

What do we offer?

Harwal Enterprises provides high-quality industrial custom processing of glass. We use the glass of various types and thicknesses from leading global manufacturers, such as AGC, Pilkington, Guardian. Having employed highly qualified specialists and using modern equipment, we carry out all the produc- tion operations of the technological process. Glass cutting and edge processing

Our advantages:

  • we execute all orders promptly;
  • high production capacity allows us to handle large orders;
  • modern equipment ensures high quality processing;
  • we carry out complex glass processing;

Tempering glass

Harwal Enterprise offers tempering of low-emissivity and multifunctional glass. We work with ordinary, translucent and frosted sheet glass of various thicknesses (from 8 to 19 mm) from leading global manufacturers: AGC, Pilkington, Guardian. Hardening of your glass is also possible.

The advantages of tempered glass:

  • Fragments of tempered glass are not able to cause cuts;
  • After tempering, glass becomes ten times stronger than usual;
  • Increases resistance to temperature extremes;

Hardening does not change the optical properties of glass. Machining is carried out before tempering for.

Large production capacities allow us to carry out in a short time large orders for processing, decorated and production of various products from glass Read more...