Prefabricated structures

Harwal Enterprises is also involved in the production of prefabricated sandwich panel structures and steel structures, the structures of which were developed in the design department of the company's headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.

Prefabricated structures from sandwich panels

This system of structures has already proven itself both in the international market and in Russia. It is used for the construction of modular offices, warehouses, dormitories, and other types. Prefabricated structures can be of any height and width thanks to the self-supporting frame made according to the design documentation. Sandwich panels filled with mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, polyisocyanurate foam, polyurethane foam are used as external walls, depending on the purpose of the pre-fabricated building. The floor is covered with a galvanized sheet of insulation, a board. Metal roof with mineral insulation, insulated with waterproofing. External cladding can be covered with ALUPEX F2 Composite Panel (supplied from UAE).

Available roof types:

  • With a gable roof
  • Flat roof


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Fire resistance of materials
  • Drainage and tightness
  • Compact and spacious
  • Presentable appearance
  • Thermal insulation panels (provide insulation from hot and cold climates)

HARWAL offers a wide range of portable modular security posts .

Flat and gable roof relief housing

Duramax’s Insulated Modular Housing is a line of unique energy-efficient buildings that use galvanized metal panels – manufactured with fire-retardant CFC-free B2 polyurethane insulation, sandwiched between an inner and outer skin – for roofs and walls. While the inner skin is pre-painted metal (standard) or vinyl, the outer skin is pre-painted galvanized steel (standard) or plastisol steel, offering excellent acoustic performance and thermal insulation.

These single story modular insulated buildings are available in a variety of standard sizes and are ideal for all weather conditions. Each building is easy to assemble, and can also be easily disassembled and relocated.

The modular design allows for further expansion if desired. The expansion can be done using 1meter sections.

Duramax insulated modular housing is an excellent choice for affordable housing communities, workers accommodation, refugee camps, schools, clinics, etc. In addition to its affordable price range, thebuildings also offer cost-effective ways of saving energy and reducing heating and cooling bills.

Large production capacities allow us to carry out in a short time large orders for processing, decorated and production of various products from glass Read more...