Production and design

Office partitions

We design, manufacture and install stationary and mobile glazed partitions from aluminum profiles. Great solution for zoning of space and functional division of premises in public, administrative and commercial buildings, exhibition halls and other purposes.

Office partitions

We carry out orders for the production of partitions of any size, shape and level of complexity. In the manufacture, we use thicker tempered to increase strength glass. Tri- plex can also be used to improve safety.

  • Different types of glass are available - transparent, opaque, tinted.
  • The aluminum profile can be painted on customer’s demand in any color according to the RAL system.

Coloring of aluminum profiles on the system RAL

Glass for office partitions

The construction of glass partitions in office space does not require much time and financial costs. As a rule, tem- pered glass is used in the manufacture. It is characterized by increased strength and durability against large loads. <\p>

Various types of glass and processing technology are available. The use of matte and tinted decorative films is allowed.

Large production capacities allow us to carry out in a short time large orders for processing, decorated and production of various products from glass Read more...