Mobile security post

Mobile security posts in the form of ready-made mod- ules are used to house security personnel directly at the workplace. They ensure a sufficient level of visibility and protection from environmental factors. Despite the com- pactness, the room can accommodate everything you need for a comfortable service.

High functionality, mobility, compactness, lightness of the overall design makes it convenient to transport. The guard post has a solid metal frame that protects it from deforma- tion during the entire period of operation.

Guard posts

Security posts are used for checkpoints at sites:

  • Medical, sanatorium and resort facilities and recreation centers;
  • Administrative, office and production areas;
  • Construction and sports facilities;
  • Cottage and cottage settlements.

In Harwal Enterprises, you can order security posts of different configurations: semicircular, rectangular (type of cab-PR), hexagonal (type of cab-SD). There are options for the execution of posts - with or without a bathroom.


  • Presentable appearance;
  • Ease and mobility of transportation;
  • Compactness and spaciousness;
  • Strength and long life of the structure;
  • Fire resistance of the materials;
  • Drainage and tightness;
  • Heat-efficient insulation with panels providing insulation from hot and cold climates.

Completed objects:

Security post at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Abu Dhabi.
Security post in a Residential complex Marina in Dubai.
Security post in front of the Business Center in Dubai.
Security post at a Military base in Kuwait.
Security post in the Embassy area in Abu Dhabi

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