Production and design

Winter gardens

The construction of the winter garden is carried out on customer’s demand or the specialists of the design bureau of Harwal Enterprises. Our specialists will de- velop it taking into account all your wishes, in the strict accordance with technical standards and norms.

For the production of winter gardens we use dou- ble-glazed windows that combine heat and sound insulation properties and do not create a greenhouse effect. Different types of glasses are available - trans- parent, opaque, tinted. Tempered glass windows are used on the roofing parts of the construction.

Aluminum profiles are the basis of the design. They are fire protected, resistant to corrosion, safe for health and can be painted at any customer’s request in any color according to the RAL system.

Coloring of aluminum profiles on the system RAL

Large production capacities allow us to carry out in a short time large orders for processing, decorated and production of various products from glass Read more...