Modern plant in Russia for the manufacturing of flat glass products and translucent aluminum constructions.

We produce goods from glasswork and translucent aluminium carcasses

Manufacturing and retail facilities worldwide

Providing unrivalled manufacturing capabilities and services across the globe the manufacturing conglomerate drives business within 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA.

More than 60 years of experience in different projects

Harwal Group was founded in 1938

200 000 tons of plastic and 20 000 tons of aluminium and steel

Annual conversion capacity

Product's quality is checked at every stage of manufacturing process

Harwal's mission is to create innovations, manufacture high-quality components and service

High-profile international offices

Harwal corporate group

Harwal Enterprises – the first Harwal Group factory in Russia has started working on the 1st of July 2018.

Harwal Group is an international industrial conglomerate with annual conversion capacity of 200 000 tons of plastic and 20 000 tons of aluminium and steel

Harwal Group has 28 business units with manufacturing and sales facilities across the globe.

Drives business within 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA.

The main business is based on the transformation of plastics, wood and metal producing a wide range of finished products for various industries. Harwal Group has more than 60 years of experience in various processes and technologies.


Industrial glass processing

Glass cutting and edge processing

Drilling, countersink and milling glass

Triplex (laminated glass)

Stemalit (enameled tempered glass) Glass film installation

Glass film installation

Double glazing

Tempering glass

Обработка стекла

Aluminum and Glass Constructions

Aluminum is one of the lightest materials. It’s almost three times lighter than iron but at the same time durable, ductile and resistant to corrosion and deformation. It does not respond to aggressive factors such as ultraviolet radiation, gases, oils and acids. Due to its qualities, this material is suits best for the manufacture of profiles of translucent structures.

Алюминиевые светопрозрачные конструкции
Огнестойкие панели из композита

Fireproof Panels

Such panels are used, due to quite specific fire-resistant properties, as facade cladding of facades of all classes of structural and functional fire safety, as well as special-purpose objects

Metal constructions

Harwal Enterprises is also involved in the production of prefabricated sandwich panel structures and steel structures, the structures of which were developed in the design department of the company's headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.

Mobile security posts

Easy-to-build houses

Modular container houses

Bending of sheet material

Металлические конструкции

483 projects implemented
around the world

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To ensure the high level of quality our company uses modern technologies and equipment from world”s leading companies

Steady development
Social responsibility

We are committed to social responsibility and take various measures to ensure sustainability. Harwal Group's manufacturing processes and products are eco-freindly. All the reciduals are recycled at our aluminium and plastic recycling plants.

Emirates Recycling LLC a member of the Harwal Group, is one of the leading aluminum recycling companies in the UAE with an annual production capacity exceeding 18,000 tons.


Emirates Recycling produces a ton of alloy ingots 500 kg of cast blocks and 7 kg of ingots in accordance with international standards.

Our products are biodegradable. We preserve our forrests by developing wood replacement products, we preserve our forests. Through reuse, we save water. By upgrading our equipment and increasing efficiency, we save energy. Our refrigerated products, including cold rooms, commercial refrigerators and refrigerators, do not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Emirates Recycling produces a ton of alloy ingots 500 kg of cast blocks and 7 kg of ingots in accordance with international standards.

Quality control policy

Quality control

The quality control system is worldclass.

Manufactured products meet all industry standards, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity and test reports

With the help of "Heat Soak Test", tempered glass undergoes a verification process, which allows to avoid spontaneous breaking of glass in the future

Multi-stage quality control at all stages of production.

Warranty service

Harwal Enterprises provides service warranty service for the term of 5 to 10 years. Long-term warranty service means that we are fully confident in the quality of our products.

Гарантийное обслуживание

Certificates of quality and diplomas

The quality of Harwal Enterprises products is certified. Testing, multi-stage quality control at all stages of production, cooperation with the best suppliers of raw materials and equipment as well as extensive experience in the production of translucent structures and glass processing allows us to guarantee a high level of quality, reliability and safety of products that meet all modern requirements and standards.

Сертификаты качества и дипломы


Main office and factory

Russia, Solnechnogorsk, Butyrskij tupik 2a

Moscow office

Russia, Moscow, Sharikopodshipnikovskaja, 1 BC «Progress Plaza»